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March Rain = Leaks

Now that the snow is gone, roofs that are compromised start to leak. A lot.

What should I do if my flat roof leaks?

  1. Hire a professional. When working on flat roofs there are so many different types of roof systems that most repair generalists don’t have the right equipment to make a proper repair. Flat roof repair technicians more commonly see rubber cement or caulking spread on to stop the leak. Though this can work temporarily, most repairs on a flat roof require a patch. The patch is a compatible material that the original roof was installed with and will last.
  2. Prevent future leaks. Even new roofs need maintenance. Roofs need to be looked at a minimum of 2 times/year. Make sure that your drains and scuppers are clear. Walk the roof and identify problem areas and have a professional fix them. By being proactive and properly maintaining a flat roof, your roof will last longer and leak less.
  3. Get a bid. Find out what the budget will be to replace your roof so the building owner has the ability to budget for the roof. Sometimes it pays to replace the roof now, before it it leaking so much that there a lot of repairs and soaked insulation that will need to be replace.

Once your roof is leaking and you start patching, sometimes you are just “moving the leak around” because the roof is ready to be replaced.

Rayco has a 24-hour emergency service technician ready to help. Call 612-781-6092.

Safety First

At Rayco, safety is the most important thing for our crews and the people occupying the building we are roofing. All of our roofers partake in safety training and we hold regular company meetings to update them on safety requirements. It is important for each crew member to know what safety organizations, like OSHA, require when working on a roof.

Creating a safe work environment starts with good leadership. Rayco’s owners, Duane and Paul, know how important safety is from their years as roofers. They do not cut any corners when it comes to promoting safety at the job-site. We also make the roof safe for building maintenance workers and other people to walk on. Many factors come into play to make sure a job is safe.

Safety Equipment

  • Hard hats
  • Safety vests
  • Bright-colored shirts
  • Jackets
  • Warning line/flags
  • Fall protection: ropes and harness
  • Ladders