Everyday exposure to sun, rain, maintenance workers, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof membrane until the roof reaches the end of its service life. Studies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained will only last about half of its expected service life. Performing seasonal maintenance on your roof protects your investment. Call Rayco and learn about our tailored roof maintenance.

Snow and Ice Removal

  • Don’t let ice dams damage your roof or cause internal damage.
  • Steaming – never use pressure washers!
  • Snow Removal and Shoveling

Scupper, Downspout and Roof Drain Cleaning

  • Eliminate unwanted debris that clogs outlets & downspouts
  • Remove leaves, pine needles, and any other debris from gutters that causes clogs in outlets & downspouts

Maintain your roof. Maintain your warranty

Don’t assume that a warranty will cover roof damage. Almost all roofing material manufacturers state specifically in their warranty that the warranty is void if the roof is not maintained. Document roof maintenance to ensure warranty claims. If you can’t, it will be harder to make a case on a potential warranty issue.