The Tax Law Changes That Effect You When Replacing Your Roof!

One of the largest capital expenditures that a building owner will incur is replacing a failing roof. Long term budget planning is complex, and the recent change in the tax law creates opportunities for owners to replace their roof and write off the entire costs in that year’s taxes! The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, […]

I don’t see any leaking! Why should I re-roof my building?

Some leaks are just too small to show up inside the building. Roofs can be leaking for months—or years—before the leak appears and maintenance is called. The leaks you can’t see, called “micro leaks,” often cause more widespread damage than a normal-dripping, visible leak. Most micro leaks on flat roofs are caused by small cracks […]

Top 9 Factors Key to Determining Your Flat-Roof Bid

It’s time to replace your flat roof. That’s clear. What’s not always clear? The best way to start. If you’re like me–and most people–you’ll start online. Probably with Google. You might even search for a calculator where you could input some numbers and a cost range would kick out. Don’t bother, though, because accurate tools […]

Ice Dam

Ice Dam Season

In Minnesota, we design roofs to hold snow, not frozen lakes. So, when the temperature rises enough to melt the snow and create standing water, but then freezes before it runs off the roof it creates the perfect conditions for ice dams. Unfortunately, ice dams are just a part of living in Minnesota, like -10 […]

March Rain = Leaks

Now that the snow is gone, roofs that are compromised start to leak. A lot. What should I do if my flat roof leaks? Hire a professional. When working on flat roofs there are so many different types of roof systems that most repair generalists don’t have the right equipment to make a proper repair. […]

Is Your Roof Leaking or Is It Condensation?

This time of year we receive a lot of calls from properties believing that their roof is leaking. While some of these calls turn out to be actual leaks, many of them are actually condensation issues. What is condensation on a roof? Condensation occurs when warm, humid air from inside the building rises and meets […]

January 2016 Newsletter

EPDM (Ehtylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and TPO (Thermoplasitc Polyolefin) are two of the most popular flat roof membranes today. Both membranes are good choices for your flat roof. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of each: EPDM + Around for over 40 years + Multiple installation methods + Multiple thickness options + Black roofs absorb […]