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January 2016 Newsletter

EPDM (Ehtylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and TPO (Thermoplasitc Polyolefin) are two of the most popular flat roof membranes today. Both membranes are good choices for your flat roof. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of each:

+ Around for over 40 years
+ Multiple installation methods
+ Multiple thickness options
+ Black roofs absorb heat during winter and keeps heating costs down
– Black roofs reach extreme temperatures in summer
– Seams are glued together
– Less resistant to chemicals

+ Seams are heat welded
+ White is most common color, but available in different colors
+ Cool roof
+ Multiple thickness options
– Slippery when wet
– Newer technology: not all TPO products use same formula

TPO and EPDM are both excellent choices for your new roof. To determine which roof is best for your building call Rayco and we will work with you to make the best decision. Some factors that help us determine the best roof solution are drainage, decking, type of building, what the building is used for. The roof is one of the most important components of your building and we will use our knowledge and experience to find the best option for you. Call us today for a new roof bid, 612-781-6092.

This time of year many hall of fame announcements are made; from Major League Baseball to the National Football League. Rayco recently earned its way into Carlisle Syntec’s Hall of Fame and 750 club. This award is presented to companies who install 750 roofs that receive a perfect 10 score from a Carlisle inspector on the first inspection.

This award signifies Rayco’s commitment to installing the best roof for each customer. We make sure to install the roof properly the first time, allowing our customer’s to focus on their business rather than worrying about their roof.